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Genie Documentation


The Genie CLI provides a set of commands to help developers use AI to automate tasks, generate documentation, and improve their workflow. This documentation covers the available commands, their usage, and examples to help you get started with the Genie CLI.

You can support the development of Genie by contributing to the project or making a donation. You can also make donations using the support command in the Genie CLI.

Once you have made a donation, you can use the verify command to verify your donation and get access to additional features and benefits later on.

If you’ve donated, a big thank you from genie!


genie init

The init command is used to store your API keys, session IDs, and ignore list file paths. By running this command, you can configure the Genie CLI to access external services and customize its behavior.

Ignore List File Paths

When configuring the Genie CLI, you can specify ignore patterns to exclude certain files or directories from processing. This can be useful for skipping test files, build directories, or other irrelevant content.

The ignore list is a file that contains a list of files and directories that you want to exclude from your project. This is highly important to reduce the token count and improve the performance of the analysis. Create an ignore list file anywhere on your system and provide the path to it during the genie init command.

This is a text file with the name ignorelist.txt that contains a list of files and directories to ignore. For example:


API Keys

The Genie CLI requires API keys to access external services for text-to-image generation, text-to-music generation, and other features. You can obtain API keys from the respective service providers and store them securely using the genie init command.


1. do

The do command allows you to execute commands that you might not remember. Leveraging the power of AI, Genie can help you run commands without having to remember them. Just type in what you want to do, and Genie will take care of the rest.


genie do "prompt"



2. generate

The generate command is used to generate images from text. This can be useful for generating any kind of image from text, such as diagrams, charts, or illustrations.


genie generate "prompt"


Note: When using the gemini engine, make sure you pass the SSID and API key as environment variables. The SSID is the __Secure-1PSID cookie value from the browser after logging into the Gemini website.

3. music

The music command allows you to generate music based on a text prompt. This can be useful for creating background music, soundtracks, or other audio content.


genie music "prompt"



4. tell

The tell command is used to generate text responses to questions or prompts. This can be useful for generating responses to queries, providing information, or creating conversational content about the CLI.


genie tell "prompt"


5. summarize

The summarize command generates a structured markdown summary of comments within your project files. This is useful for creating documentation and reviewing code.

For this command to work, you need to have comments in your code that are marked as headings and subheadings. Genie will automatically detect these comments and generate a markdown summary based on them.

Example of comments in code:

In python:

# genie:heading: This is a heading
# genie:subheading: This is a subheading

or in javascript:

// genie:heading: This is a heading
// genie:subheading: This is a subheading

Make sure to match the exact format for the comments to be detected correctly. The format is genie:heading: for headings and genie:subheading: for subheadings. Remember to add a space after the colon and before the text. Also add a space after the comment marker (# or //) and before the genie keyword.


genie summarize



6. chat

The chat command opens a chat interface where you can interact with Genie in a conversational manner. This can be useful for asking questions, getting help, or exploring the capabilities of the Genie CLI.

Note: This only works for the Gemini engine. Make sure you have the required API keys configured.


genie chat




The Genie CLI is a powerful tool that helps streamline your development workflow by automating tasks, generating documentation, and more. By using the available commands, you can improve your productivity and maintain a consistent project structure.

For more information, visit the Genie About Page.